New Pattern | Super Chunky Christmas Stocking


I have a new pattern for you! My daughter needed a stocking this year and I didn’t have a ton a time to make one. Last time I was at Michael’s they had Bernat’s Mega Bulky Yarn on sale so I picked up a couple skeins and decided to use that to finally make one for her. After a little mishap with the color of the toe (I had it almost all done then realized the toe wasn’t cream!) I changed it and this is the final product ~ my Super Chunky Christmas Stocking! I love how it turned out. You can seriously work this up in under an hour. Make one, make ten! :)

Super Chunky Christmas Stocking

I was shocked…and thrilled!…by the response I got on Facebook. I wanted to hurry and get this pattern released for all of you! I haven’t even had the chance to take amazing photos of it yet. That will be fun!

This stocking measures about 18″ long and 6.5″ wide. It’s the perfect size to load up with all kinds of goodies for your family!

As a THANK YOU & a MERRY CHRISTMAS, you can get this stocking pattern for only $1.50 using coupon code STOCKING in my Ravelry Shop! (Offer ends 12/24/15.)

I really hope you enjoy this pattern! Be sure to share pics with me of your finished stockings. What colors would you make yours in?