2014 NICU Charity Challenge

I have the PRIVILEDGE of being a part of this year’s 2014 NICU Charity Challenge. Photo May 27, 9 35 51 PM12 HATS. 12 DAYS. ARE YOU READY?

Some babies need help when they are born. They may need extra care because they were born too early, and therefore still need time to be ready to enter the world. These tiniest of babies are often fighters, despite weighing no more than a couple of bananas! Even full-term babies may end up in the NICU, because they have troubles like breathing adequately, staying warm, or regulating their blood sugar.

Whatever the reason for the intervention, NICUs are a huge blessing to these little ones and their families. It’s also a very stressful time for everyone involved. Most mothers envision a day of snuggles and get-to-know-you time on their baby’s birthday, not seeing their baby attached to tubes, wires, monitors, and behind the glass of an isolette. It can be very lonely and very frightening.

Our annual challenge is to each make 12 hats for these sweet NICU patients.

My annual NICU charity challenge goes along with the 12 days of Christmas. Your official challenge is to make 12 preemie hats in 12 days that you will donate to your nearest NICU. The challenge starts today (November 20th) and officially runs through January 6th (the traditional end of the 12 days of Christmas). This gives all participants some extra time to finish up their 12 hats, since we all know the holidays can be crazy-busy.

Several incredible designers have each contributed patterns to this challenge that you’ll get simply for joining the challenge. These hats are adorable!! You are welcome to use all of the patterns, only one of the patterns, or any combination of repeats (or your own patterns) to make your 12 hats. We ask that you share a photo of your finished hats with us before you drop them off to your local hospital/birthing center/NICU. You can post the photos to Sunset Crochet’s Facebook page or you can email them to her.It’s always a good idea to call your local NICU before you actually start stitching. Some NICUs have strict requirements about what fibers they allow. Others are happy with just about anything! If you’re unsure, crocheting with cotton is always a pretty safe bet! It’s usually best not to use buttons, flowers, or applique for a NICU hat, as they don’t like to have the potential choking hazard for a baby. The same is true with the braids on the bottom of ear-flaps. It’s better just not to have the risk with these little ones.

The challenge is now above 3,300 participants and as of this moment, there are commitments for 39,636 newborn and preemie hats to be donated all over the world! Isn’t that amazing?!

To learn more and to join this amazing community go HERE!

You can also sign up below ~

Easiest Headwrap EVER!!!

Welcome everyone!

I needed to work up a headwrap super fast and couldn’t find an easy basic pattern so I’ve decided to type up my own! I just recently worked up this flower and thought it would be the PERFECT embellishment for this awesome headwrap! I hope you love it as much as I do :)

If you know the crochet basics then you can do this! This headwrap is fantastic by itself OR embellished with whatever type of flower or bow pattern you like.

Bonus…it’s works up in NO time!

Big THANK YOU to my wonderful friend Amy from Photography by Amy for her amazing eye behind the lens and my gorgeous friend Emily from Elevate Salon for modeling last-minute for me! She said this was HER color…I couldn’t agree more :)

DSC_4163 copyDSC_4177 copy copy

This is, from now on, my GO-TO, no-brainer Easiest Headwrap EVER Pattern! I hope it quickly becomes yours.

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any WW yarn
Size H 5.0mm hook
Yarn sewing needle
One button

ch – chain
sk – skip
sp(s) – space(s)
slst – slip stitch
st – stitch
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet

Gauge: 7hdc x (almost) 6 rows = 2″ square
Finished headwrap measures approx. 22″ long

Note 1: When working the hdc stitches insert hook BETWEEN the stitches NOT in the top 2 loops. I love the way the stitches lay when worked this way and since the piece is worked back & forth it provides a more uniformed look. See picture below.


Note 2: The ch1 NEVER counts as a stitch.

Note 3: I tend to crochet on the loose side so if you find as you’re working this up that it may be too short for you, just add some extra rows right before starting the decrease.

Row 1 – ch5, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across to end, ch1, turn. (4)
Row 2 – hdc in 1st st, ch2, sk 2 sts, hdc in last st, ch1, turn. (2 sts & a ch2 sp…button hole)
Row 3 – 2hdc in 1st st, 2hdc in ch2 sp, 2hdc in last st, ch1, turn. (6)
Row 4 – hdc in each st across, ch1, turn. (6)
Row 5 – 2hdc, hdc in next 4, 2hdc, ch1, turn. (8)
Row 6 – hdc across, ch1, turn. (8)
Row 7 – 2hdc, hdc in next 6, 2hdc, ch1, turn. (10)
Row 8 – hdc across, ch1, turn. (10)
Row 9 – 2hdc, hdc in next 8, 2hdc, ch1, turn. (12)
Row 10 – hdc across, ch1, turn. (12)

Rows 11-55 – REPEAT Row 10. (12)

Row 56 – sk 1st st, hdc in next 9, sk 1 st, hdc in last, ch1, turn. (10)
Row 57 – hdc across, ch1, turn. (10)
Row 58 – sk 1st st, hdc in next 7, sk 1 st, hdc in last, ch1, turn. (8)
Row 59 – hdc across, ch1, turn. (8)
Row 60 – sk 1st st, hdc in next 5, sk 1 st, hdc in last, ch1, turn. (6)
Row 61 – hdc across, ch1, turn. (6)
Row 62 – sk 1st st, hdc in next 3, sk 1 st, hdc in last, ch1, turn. (4)
Row 63 – hdc across, ch1, DO NOT TURN. (4)

*NOW work SC down the side of the piece all the way around by putting 1sc in each hdc row & 2sc in each corner. Slst to the first sc made to join. Finish off and weave in your ends.

Line up your button hole to the other side and sew on your button of choice!


I think this would make an awesome scrap yarn project with different colored rows!!

Ch5, join with a slst to the first ch to make a loop.

Round 1 – ch1, (sc, ch1, 3dc, ch1, sc) in the loop FOUR times, slst to the first sc made. {Now remove hook from loop, take your hook and insert it from behind and pull the loop from the front to the back and continue on the Round 2} (4 petals total)



Round 2 – (working behind the petals), *slst around the middle dc from previous round, ch4* repeat from *to* around, slst to the first ch4 made. (4 ch4 sps total)


Round 3 – ch1, (sc, ch1, 5dc, ch1, sc) in all the ch4 sps around, slst to the first sc made. {Now remove hook from loop, take your hook and insert it from behind and pull the loop from the front to the back and continue on the Round 4} (4 petals total)

Round 4 – (working behind the petals), ch4, slst around the middle dc from previous round, *ch4, slst around next sc, ch4, slst around the middle dc from previous round, ch4* repeat *to* around, slst to first ch4 sp. (8 ch4 sps total)


Round 5 – ch1, (sc, ch1, 5dc, ch1, sc) in all the ch4 sps around, slst to the first sc made. (8 petals total) Fasten Off and weave in ends!



You now have a beautiful headwrap! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’d love to see pictures and hear about your headwraps you’ve made!

* If making and selling this as a finished product please link back to this blog post for the pattern. Do not copy or change this pattern and sell it as your own. If you have ANY questions feel free to email me at frayed_knot@att.net Thank You!!! :)